Individually designed Celebration Cakes by Julia Cleverley.


Celebration Cakes

I use the finest ingredients to provide a good quality cake base for icing and decorating.

Rich Fruit Cake - a lovely dark rich cake laden with fruits and soaked in brandy.

Madeira (vanilla) - filled with strawberry jam and buttercream.

Madeira & Glace Cherry

Chocolate - a chocolate Madeira cake filled with chocolate buttercream.

Lemon Madeira - filled with lemon buttercream.

Light Fruit Cake - a lighter fruit cake, not as heavy or rich as the Rich Fruit Cake.

For other cake flavours, please enquire.

For Wedding Cakes you can have any combination of the above cakes. They can be stacked together, on pillars or I have an 'E' stand for hire. Other variations possible too, depending on your cake design.